Patient Treatment Experience

The treatment utilizes a standard 20 gauge x 1” or 14 gauge x 2” I.V. site. The patient rests comfortably during the safe, sterile 30-minute treatment which includes 30 minutes of Red, UVA and Green light. The UVLrx Treatment System’s capability for simultaneous administration of I.V. fluids for animal hospitals, outpatient, surgery centers, and private practice for veterinarians, provides seamless integration with a variety of care requirements.

*No portion of the DLA™ extends beyond the catheter lumen. UVL2000 Station calibrates all wavelengths of light to ensure each treatment delivers the same dosage of light with each treatment. Treatment lasts 30 minutes.

UVLrx Treatment System

Our company is a pioneer in multi-wavelength LED intravenous light therapy (ILT). UVLrx® is the first known light therapy to be delivered concurrently through an I.V. catheter, illuminating the passing blood supply. Our patented Dry Light Adapter™ (DLA™) allows us to treat the animal’s bloodstream without extraction and therefore there is no limitation in the total volume of blood exposed to the therapeutic wavelengths. The UVL2000 Station emits three specific wavelengths of light designed to maximize treatment efficacy while preserving patient safety.