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Last Promise

Last Promise had a sesamoid ligament. One UVlrx Treatment and it was resolved! Last Promise has had three UVlrx Treatments since and feels amazing!

Thank you UVLrx!



Duek had an indolent ulcerated cornea diagnosed in early November 2017. His treatment required four different antibiotics administered 4 x a day directly into the eye along with blood serum pulled from another horse 4 x a day, and pain meds 2 x a day. He wore a plastic eye shield 24-7. He received eye exams once per week, which included two scrapings of ulcer tissue to help stimulate vascular activity to help heal the ulcer. There was very slow progress at his weekly check ups.

On January 21, 2018 Duek was given a UVLrx Treatment, and within 20 minutes his eye opened for the first time in three months! He had four additional treatments and the eye remains open to this day. He was taken off all pain medications on January 21, 2018, after his first treatment.

On February 8, 2018, Duek went in for a check-up at Alamo Pintado Equine hospital in Santa Ynez, CA. When Dr. Byrne removed his eye shield, she was quite pleased with what she witnessed! A happy, comfortable, bright-eyed Duek! No swelling, his eye lashes pointing straight ahead, as opposed to his lashes pointing in a down position indicating intense pain.

Duek got his confirmation that the ulcer has healed. Yesterday was the first day he walked his pastures proudly without an eye patch!

In conclusion, without the UVLrx Treatments, his future with two eyes was looking very bleak. He couldn’t sustain or continue the pain medications which were compromising his liver. The other option was to remove the eye to alleviate the pain.

Thank you to the UVLrx team and Dr. Byrne who never gave up hope!

A side note: I originally made a UVLrx appointment for Deuk because he was not eating and he had a fever. The fever went away immediately and he was eating everything in his hay bag on the way home from the initial treatment!

Duek who was featured in the film,The Mask Of Zorro in 1998 will be 25 years old on April 4th, 2018.

With great appreciation, Kristi and Duek


Patient #1: Furia, an 11-year-old Paso Fino mare

Results: Wound healed in just over 6 weeks (compared to 4-6 months average wound healing time)

Furia suffers from chronic summer sores (cutaneous habronemiasis) on her face and shoulder which arise multiple times a year. Summer sores happen when flies carry the immature stage of the parasite into the horse’s skin, especially in open wounds or wet areas. The horse’s immune system mounts a reaction towards the parasite to clear the infestation leading to the sores.

Though Furia wears a fly mask and lives in an environment that is sprayed for flies multiple times a day, she continued to suffer from the affliction. The typical treatment protocol for summer sores is oral deworming with Ivermectin every 2-4 weeks, wound debridement (cleaning debris/larvae from the wound), bandage changes every other day with topical ointment treatment and the average healing time for a lesion is 4-6 months.

By adding in UVLrx Treatment protocol to the normal protocol (once daily for four days during the wound’s first cleaning, then two more treatments on days 21 and 22), healing time drastically decreased.

The date of first treatment (August 10, 2017) to full wound closure (September 22, 2017) was measured to be 6 weeks and one day on Furia. Total treatment time (including treatment 3 weeks before UVLrx Treatment began) was 9 weeks and one day.

Average wound healing time: 4-6 months for lesions –> with UVLrx Treatment added, 9 weeks and 1 day, 6 weeks and 1 day once UVLrx Treatment was first administered.