Intravenous Light Therapy
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Kevin Harrington Discusses UVLrx IV Light Therapy for Pets

The UVLrx Treatment System offers intravenous, concurrent delivery of multiple wavelengths of light through a small catheter illuminating the passing blood supply. The benefits of the wavelengths utilized by the UVLrx Treatment System are well studied. Animals are living longer and develop many of the same problems of human aging. New and effective treatments exist to improve animal health and our furry friends’ quality of life.

Improving the Quality of Care for All Animals in Our Rapidly Growing Global Community

UVLrx treatment systems emit three wavelengths of light in a unique parallel combination. RED light (630nm), UVA light (365nm) and GREEN light (530nm) are issued through a catheter illuminating the passing blood supply.

The patented Dry Light Adapter™ seamlessly integrates into a standard IV catheter, treating the blood intravenously. Literature has shown these three wavelengths may have potential benefits with:

  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Improved wound healing
  • Improved ATP synthesis
  • Immune system modulation